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Annie is a four-year-old girl, a member of the Little Einsteins, and the little sister of Leo.


Annie is a kind, and sweet little girl. She cares deeply for her friends. Just like the rest of the team she is caring and friendly.

Physical appearance

Annie is the youngest and the smallest of the group, she has blonde hair with pigtails bounded by pink bows. She has beautiful blue eyes and a smiling mouth. Her skin tone is fair. She wears a green shirt with a blue jean dress and magenta and white shoes.

But in Season 2 her outfit changed: her shirt is light blue instead of green, her jean dress is pink instead of blue and her shoes are blue instead of magenta and white, she also has white socks on her feet: Later taken off 4 Her Swimsuit 1 Piece as in Annie's beach day, & Her True Bare Feet show in her Light Blue Sandals.


Her friends are Leo, Quincy, June and Rocket. She also has other friends, but they aren't human: a few of her friends are Little Caterpillar, Little Red Train and Purple Plane.


Little Einsteins

Annie is the only girl of the group who wears a blue (later pink) jean dress: Now Yellow, green (later light blue)T-shirt and magenta and white (later blue) shoes: Later Lavender nowadays. Like the other main characters, she appeared in every episode of the Little Einsteins.

Disney Parks

She made an appearance at Walt Disney World Resort as a puppet in Disney Junior - Live on Stage! in Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park and Animation Courtyard. Also, she made meet-and-greets with people, just like the other Little Einsteins except Rocket.

Currently, like the other Little Einsteins, she is now a Newer add on character 4 Disney's Very Own Main Street Electrical Parade In 2018 4 The See YA Later Season Edition of that Of Course We'll along with Goofy, Mickey Mouse, & Minnie Mouse Plus their Very Own Special Train Called Casey Jr. The Parade Float Edition that is.


  • She was the only character who has piloted Rocket solo.
  • She loves animals, but she's afraid of spiders, just like the rest of the team (as seen in Our Huge Adventure), except for the one in "The Treasure Behind the Little Red Door" and the one in "Rocket the Bug". It's also shown in Our Huge Adventure that she's afraid of bats.
  • She loves dolphins as proven in Pirates Treasure, but her favorite animal of all is a horse as seen in "The Great Schubert's Guessing Game".
  • She owns a silver microphone with orange music notes that she won in a song contest after Big Jet ripped her music. Her old microphone is plain silver.
  • Although she is four years old, she is very low and very small, in fact she has small arms, small hands, small body, small legs and small feet.
  • The color of her jean dress changes from blue to pink in Season 2, & Later on in Season 3 Her Jean Dress is now Magenta 4 The 2018 See YA Later Season Edition of Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade As The 4th Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade Character.
  • When she wishes to urgently point something out to the team, her usual catchphrase is "Look, look, look!"
  • She might have arachnophobia (fear of spiders).
  • The color of her shoes went from magenta and white to blue in Season 2, & Later in Season 3 Her shoes are now Lavender 4 the 2018 See YA Later Season Edition of Disney's Very Own Main Street Electrical Parade Now playing At The Magic kingdom in Orlando, Florida.
  • Her hairstyle is similar to both Katie's (Phineas and Ferb) and Izzy's (Jake and the Never Land Pirates). Also her hair color is just like Katie's as well.
  • The color of her shirt changes from green to light blue in Season 2, & Later on in Season 3 Her Shirt Became Yellow in The best of I Love Toy Trains Parts 1-6 Disc 4: 50 Mins.
  • When she's really happy, her smile gets bigger.
  • In Rocket's Firebird Rescue, Annie was given Music Power, and may now have it permanently.
  • She loves animals just as much as she loves singing.
  • She always sings her special good-night song to herself at bedtime, as mentioned in A Galactic Goodnight.


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