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"Annie's Solo Mission" is the 12th episode of Little Einsteins.


Leo is teaching his sister Annie how to fly Rocket the three things to learn: Up-Down, the squeeze, and the loop-the-loop maneuver. Leo, June and Quincy are blowing super bubbles, so Annie gets her camera and takes a picture, but then the three kids (Leo, June and Quincy) get trapped in the super bubble after blowing their bubbles together and Annie must pilot Rocket solo and rescue them before Big Jet Does, and If Big Jet Bursts that the 3 kids will start to fall down at 750-2,500 Miles an hour to the California Seas, & They got  their Clothing 2 Wet, & Needed Dryer Clothing Like PJS, & Nightgowns as sooner as possible: So That Annie Can Go Swimming At Lake Tahoe+Her Bro Leo: Along with Quincy, & June Early The Next Morning+ Rocket.

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