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Anna Coleman is the protagonist of the 2003 film Freaky Friday.



Anna is a 15-year-old high school student who appreciates sleeping in late, fashionable dressing, and her punk rock band. Her mother is Tess Coleman, who is a hard-working psychologist and writer that gets by with a collection of cell phones. She also has a little brother named Harry, who annoys her very much, especially when he enters her bedroom. Her main instrument is the guitar. Anna's best friends are Maddie and Peg, who are also members of her rock band.

Physical appearance

Anna dresses in punk attire, usually with the colors red and black. She has dirty-blonde hair, fair skin, and wears a belly button piercing she hid from her mom before they switched bodies.


Freaky Friday

Anna is apparently herself in the beginning and the end. She argues with her mom, Tess a lot. One night when she, Tess, her younger brother Harry, and Tess's fiancé, Ryan go to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Anna and Tess get into an argument. The waitress comes with two fortune cookies, and as Anna and Tess open their cookies, there is an earthquake.

The next morning, Anna wakes up in her mother's body. It happens that her mother woke up in Anna's body. They go back to the restaurant to see what happened. Until they get switched back to their own bodies, they must do each other's positions. Anna goes to work as a psychologist. And is later being interviewed for a psychological book that Tess wrote. The interview is being filmed, and is on TV at her high school, which embarrasses Tess.

At Anna's band rehearsal, Tess doesn't know Anna's performance; she doesn't even know how to play guitar. Anna plugs in an electric guitar back stage for her mom. After the rehearsal, Tess realizes that her daughter's band is way more fun then she thought.

There is one more earthquake, then Anna and Tess are switched back in their own bodies. Anna performs at her mom's wedding.


  • "You couldn't last one day in my high school."
  • "You're ruining my life!"
  • (as Tess) "Oh! I'm like the crypt keeper!"
  • "What are you doing?, Get out of my room!"
  • "You give that door! Or I will kill myself"


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