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Robot Crocodile

Animatronic Tick-Tock as he appears in Epic Mickey

Tick-Tock is a crocodile in the 1953 animated film, Peter Pan. In Epic Mickey, he appears as an animatronic crocodile, retaining his craving appetite for Captain Hook. Tick-Tock attacks Mickey when he is about to board the Jolly Roger, and when you're fighting Captain Hook, you have the chance to send him to the Crocodile by defeating him without saving the Sprite. It is known because Captain Hook tells you "not to let me near that crocodile". If Hook is driven off the plank, the crocodile will attempt to eat him and drive him away while chasing after the pirate.

In the bad ending, it is revealed that Tick-Tock has devoured Captain Hook as only his hook is left floating in the sea before sinking beneath the waves. In the sequel, Tick-Tock doesn't make an appearance or isn't even mentioned.


  • In the original film Peter Pan, Captain Hook runs away and narrowly escapes from Tick-Tock (as mentioned by Walt Disney himself, he would get away because nobody would want him to die, plus he reappeared in the Sequel: Peter Pan in Return to Never Land). The animatronic version however, got devoured.
  • In the Epic Mickey Concept Art, you can see a Beetleworx called a Jumbler, and the only picture of it shows an amalgamation of Disney characters that include, but are not limited to: Goofy, Jafar, Tigger (Possibly) and of course, Tick-tock the Crocodile, meaning that the Jumbler was intended to be in the game (Mostly around Ventureland), but time restrictions only allowed them to make Tick-Tock and put him in Ventureland during the fight with Animatronic Captain Hook.


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