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Angelo is a minor character in Disney/Touchstone's 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


Angelo acts like a greedy, wise-cracking jerk who makes fun of Eddie Valiant and his detective work. However, he enjoys the antics of Roger Rabbit and when Judge Doom comes looking for him at the Terminal Bar, Angelo defends him and shows great sadness when Judge Doom is getting ready to kill him with the Dip.

Eddie describes Angelo as the guy who "would rat on you for nickel". However, he also has a kind side, as shown when he comforts a bar customer that Judge Doom harassed.

Role in the film

Angelo is not an important character and plays no major role. He often spends time at the Terminal Bar. He is first seen when he overhears that Eddie was hired by R.K. Maroon. He starts to poke fun at Eddie, provoking Eddie into berating him and stuffing a hard-boiled egg in his mouth. He recovers and asks about Eddie's short-tempered behavior. Dolores, the bar's waitress and Eddie's girlfriend, tells him that his brother Teddy was killed by a Toon, shocking him.

Later, Angelo is enjoying a song-and-dance performance by Roger at the bar before Eddie cuts it off. Judge Doom shows up shortly after looking for Roger. He makes a tempting offer that Angelo whistles at. He then says he has seen a rabbit, about to spill the beans, but then turns to the stool behind him and jokingly says "Well, say hello...Harvey." and laughs at the way Judge Doom fell for it. Doom finds Roger anyway and prepares to dip him. Angelo takes his hat off in respect. Luckily, Eddie, remembering a trick earlier in the film, gives Roger a glass of liquor which causes him to go out of control and escape. Angelo is not seen for the remainder of the film.

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