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Andy Burns is a famous entertainment blogger for a Chicago website. He appeared in "Review It Up". He is portrayed by Ben Savage.

Review It Up

Rocky often does what he recommends and is not interested if he "burns" it until he burns Shake It Up, Chicago!, where Rocky and Cece are back-up dancers. He said, "To the red-head: Those bangs are not your friend, their dancing stinks, etc." He revealed that, fifteen years ago, he auditioned for the show but was turned down, thus revealing that this is the reason why he dislikes the show so much.


He has a girlfriend named Sarah. Later in the episode, he unintentionally becomes engaged to her when she finds a ring in the pizza at Crusty's that was meant to be an anniversary gift from Deuce to Dina.


  • "Shake it Up, Chicago! should really be called, "Makes Me Want to Throw Up, Chicago!"
  • "Are the walls coming together like the garbage pit in Star Wars?"


  • Andy Burns behaves, acts, and dresses the same as Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World.
    • He inadvertently may have been a clue to viewers to guess that he would reprise his role in what would become Girl Meets World.