Andrzej Cezary Precigs (born August 22, 1949 in Warsaw) is a Polish theater, film, and voice actor, dubbing director, and local politician.

In 1972, he graduated from the Acting Department at the National Film School in Łódź. In the same year he made his debut on the stage of the Ludwik Solski Theatre in Tarnów in "Toruń" by Stefan Żeromski, playing the role of Walek-Walenty. He performed in this theatre until 1974. Then he played in the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Lodz (1974-1978), 77 Redut Theatre (1978-1980), the Polish Theatre in Warsaw (1981-1982), Targowek Theatre (1982-1987), and the New Theatre in Warsaw (1987-1996). His film debut came in 1971 in the form of a cameo role in the moral comedy 150 per hour. Then he began to perform for numerous television and cinema films. In later years he also became a dubbing director.

He's best known role in Polish dubbing is Elmer Fudd in Merrie Melodies.

His only Disney movie, in which Precigs provided a voice, is The Santa Clause.

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