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Andrew Hennings
Andrew Hennings is a secondary character in the Touchstone Pictures film Sweet Home Alabama. He is portrayed by Patrick Dempsey.


Andrew Hennings is the son of New York City's mayor. He is dating Melanie Smooter. When he finally pops the question, Melanie announces that she has to go back home alone to Alabama to tell her parents. She has not told Andrew that she is still married.

Worried about Melanie, Andrew arrives in town, looking for Melanie at the Carmichael Plantation, her "supposed" home. Jake meets him and takes him to the field of a Civil War reenactment, where Melanie is saying good-bye to her father. Jake tells Andrew that they are in love with two, very different people. Andrew rebuffs Melanie and leaves. Melanie returns to her parents' house, where her father walks in with Andrew. Andrew tells her that he does not care about the past and still wants to marry her. They decide to have the wedding in Alabama, and Andrew's mother comes down from New York.

On her wedding day, as she is walking down the aisle, her lawyer interrupts the ceremony and explains that the divorce is still not final because Melanie forgot to sign the divorce papers. Melanie explains to Andrew that she cannot marry him because she still loves Jake. Andrew is gracious, and lets her leave to be happy.

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