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Anda and Kata are two female moose, or moosettes, in the Disney animated film, Brother Bear 2. They are voiced by Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara.

Anda is slightly slow but interested in finding a mate who suits her best interests. She is lighter brown then her sister Kata, and at the end of the movie, Anda becomes Rutt's mate while Kata is Tuke's mate.

At first, they are not interested in Rutt and Tuke and ridicule their foolish attempts to attract them, most notably when Kenai pretends to be a "big, hungry, scary, bear". Rutt and Tuke even end up getting a female buffalo after them for thinking it to be a moosette.

Anda and Kata are not interested in Rutt and Tuke until Koda runs to them saying he's playing with his friends and Rutt and Tuke ask them where he is. Finding this adorable, the moosettes are a bit more attracted to the moose, but when Tuke bellows out awkward poetry, the moosettes quickly settle for Rutt, but after seeing Tuke's sensitivity, settle for him. But, eventually, Anda mates with Rutt while Kata gets Tuke.


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