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Joe arrives late to movie set angering Mona. Stella's aunt takes up a new hobby. Meanwhile, Macy gives DZ a makeover and tips about what girls like in a guy. But the tips are actually what she likes in a guy, hinting to Nick.


The episode is mainly about Nick and Macy reavealing their feeling for each other. Also Dz gets his first date who seems to be a female version of Dz. But Macy doesn't know that Dz's date is just like him, so she dresses him in a classic, romantic type of outfit. Meanwhile, Joe starts his first day of filming and gets trouble between him the director Mona.


  • Song featured in the episode: Invisible
  • Lester Lewis revealed that the movie sets used in this episode were the Psycho House and the Bates Motel from Psycho, found on the Universal backlot.
  • In this episode, Nick and Macy start dating.



Recurring Cast

Guest Stars

  • Kym Whitley: Officer Evie
  • Claire Demorest: Andrea