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American Legends
American Legends
is a home video that was released February 12, 2002. The compilation is narrated by James Earl Jones and which features the following Walt Disney feature animated shorts:

John Henry

Retells the story of John Henry, who raced against a train.

  • Director: Mark Henn

  • Producer: Steven Keller

  • Writer: Broose Johnson, Tim Hodge, Shirley Pierce

  • Music: Stephen James Taylor

  • Art Director: Robert Stanton

Paul Bunyan

Retells the story of Paul Bunyan, a folklore lumberjack that was a giant.

  • Director: Les Clark

  • Producer: Walt Disney

  • Writer: Lance Nolley, Ted Berman

  • Music: George Bruns

Johnny Appleseed

Retells the story of Johnny Appleseed, a nurseryman who introduced apple trees to Ohio and Indiana.

  • Director: Wilfred Jackson

  • Producer: Walt Disney

  • Writer: Winston Hibler, Erdman Penner

  • Music: Paul J. Smith

The Brave Engineer

Retells the exploits of railroad engineer Casey Jones.

  • Director: Jack Kinney

  • Producer: Walt Disney

  • Writer: Dick Kinney, Dick Shaw

  • Music: Ken Darby

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