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Finn and amanda
Amanda Lockhart
Background information
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Portrayed by
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Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Amanda Lockhart
Other names
Personality Mysterious, Charming, Brave
Appearance Slender, olive skin, black hair
Occupation Student, Unofficial Kingdom Keeper
Alignment Good
Goal To preserve the magic in the Disney Parks
Home Mrs. Nash's Orphanage
Relatives Jess Lockhart (Sister)
Allies Finn Whitman (Boyfriend), Wayne Kresky, Terrence Maybeck, Dell Philby, Charlene Turner, Willa Angelo, Jess Lockhart, Dillard Cole, Wanda Alcott, Ariel, Mickey and Friends
Enemies The Overtakers, Maleficent, Chernabog, Claude Frollo, The Queen, Cruella De Vil, Greg Luowski
Likes Finn, The Disney Parks
Dislikes The Overtakers, Greg Luowski
Powers and abilities Levitation
Weapons Levitation

Amanda Lockhart is a 15-year-old Fairlie from Maine, now residing in Orlando; main character of the Kingdom Keepers book series by Ridley Pearson. She is one of the two unofficial Kingdom Keepers along with her "sister" Jessica. Their goal is to stop the Overtakers from controlling the parks.


Amanda was born in Maine. Being a fairlie, she had special abilities other humans didn't have. In her case she can levitate objects, persons or herself. When the military started studding, she was sent to a special house. However, Amanda escaped with her friend Jess and went to Orlando, where they lived in an abandoned church. Here she teamed up with the Kingdom Keepers and helps them in their duty to save the magic from the parks.

As the story progresses, her relationship with Finn becomes mutually romantic. However, due to her power to push things away leaking into her relationships, this accidentally causes her to distance herself from him at times; Finn laughs at the problem, considering himself her yo-yo. How strong their love for each other is can be shown with the example that when Finn was put under a spell by the Evil Queen to kiss Jess, ensuring she would sleep forever, and not be able to use the dreams of the future to help the Keepers, his feelings for Amanda caused him to kiss her. Amanda didn't resist the kiss, showing she had been waiting for him to do so, and was later awoken by piercing her finger on a spike of a water wheel. Another example, perhaps as one to show how strong love can be, is that when Amanda had drained herself to hold back a tidal wave Ursula created, Finn's kiss to her cheek gave her energy.


  • Amanda's backstory is almost similar to Wolverine, both are super-humans who were experimented on by the military but escaped and later joined heroic groups.

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