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Alonzo Hawk
Background information
Feature films The Absent-Minded Professor
Son of Flubber
Herbie Rides Again
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Keenan Wynn
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Selfish, scheming, greedy, conniving, loud, demanding
Appearance Grey hair, pointy mustache, grey beard (Herbie Rides Again), bald scalp, wears suits and sometimes hats
Occupation Businessman, banker/financer, loan shark
Alignment Bad
Goal To steal Flubber (The Absent-Minded Professor and Son of Flubber), demolish the Steinmetz Firehouse (Herbie Rides Again)
Home San Francisco (Herbie Rides Again)
Relatives Biff Hawk (son)
Willoughby Whitfield (nephew)
Frieda Whitfield (sister)
Allies Biff Hawk, Millicent, Willoughby Whitfield (formerly)
Minions His lawyers
Enemies Professor Ned Brainard, Betsy Carlisle, Mrs. Steinmetz, Herbie, Willoughby Whitfield, Nicole Harris
Likes Power, money, business, success, financial leverage
Dislikes Failing, his demands not being met, being ordered around
Powers and abilities
Fate Bounces out of control due to Flubber and has to be rescued by firemen (The Absent-Minded Professor) Cries in court (Son Of Flubber)
Gets chased away by Herbie and multiple VWs and then gets arrested (Herbie Rides Again)
Quote "Relax? How can I relax, you fat-head?"
"Why, if you weren't deductible, I'd disown you!"
"Alonzo Hawk can be betrayed, but he is never defeated!"
"At the tender age of nineteen, I was the best known repossessor of cars west of the Mississippi. Hot-wire Hawk, they called me."

Alonzo Hawk is a notorious businessman who appeared in many Disney films. He was portrayed by Keenan Wynn.


In The Absent-Minded Professor, he's the main antagonist. He goes as a banker, and later on, he returned in Son of Flubber, trying to steal Flubber.

In Herbie Rides Again, he's also the main antagonist where he goes as a ruthless billionaire who makes a living destroying old buildings (some contains great history) to plan on building skyscrapers and shopping malls. He was going to destroy the Steinmetz Firehouse, home of Mrs. Steinmetz, the aunt of Tennessee Steinmetz, the mechanic of Herbie in The Love Bug, but got foiled by Herbie and many of his friends, including other Volkswagens. 


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