Alonzo Hawk is the main antagonist of the Professor Brainard dylogy and Herbie Rides Again.


The Absent-Minded Professor

Credited as Alonzo P. Hawk, he's the main antagonist of the movie. He goes as a banker.

Son of Flubber

In this sequel to The Absent-Minded Professor, Hawk is once more trying to steal Flubber.

Herbie Rides Again

Here, he's also the main antagonist where he goes as a ruthless billionaire who makes a living destroying old buildings (some contains great history) to plan on building skyscrapers and shopping malls. He was going to destroy the Steinmetz Firehouse, home of Mrs. Steinmetz, the aunt of Tennessee Steinmetz, the mechanic of Herbie in The Love Bug, but got foiled by Herbie and many of his friends, including other Volkswagens. In this incarnation, he's renamed Alonzo A. Hawk, probably by mistake. 

List of Hawk-inspired characters in other productions

John Slade

In the 1976 The Shaggy D.A.sequel to 1959 The Shaggy DogKeenan Wynn portrays another ruthless billionnaire character, named John Slade, which is a lookalike of Hawk in both behavior and look. It remains unknown why Disney didn't simply reuse the name of Alonzo Hawk, as the name is the only difference between Slade and Hawk. 

Other Hawk-inspired characters in Disney movies

Wikipedia also lists two other characters who aren't exactly Alonzo Hawk but seem to have been somehow inspired by him; the first being Martin Ridgeway from 1972 Snowball Expressanother bad banker played by Keenan Wynn, but less dishonest than Hawk; and the second (and the  only animated one) being J. J. Wagstaff from Fluppy Dogs


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