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"All Because of a Shoe" is a song from Twice Charmed. The song is the opening of the musical as it celebrates the marriage of Cinderella and Prince Charming.


What a glorious day,
What a beautiful bride,
Did you see, how the king,
Stood their beaming with pride!

It's so strange this excitement
We're feeling inside!

Grand Duke
All because of a shoe!

When she ran from the ball,
She gave no reason why,
So I searched all the land,
But came up high and dry!

Till a dish maiden in rags,
Gave the slipper a try,

The Grand Duke
At last my search was through!

All because of a shoe!

The Grand Duke
(Spoken) Oh, your majesty, you must be simply delighted!

The King
Finally, the palace won't seem so empty,
once they've a baby won't life be sweet!

The King and The Grand Duke
What could be better,
than the pitter patter,
of little feet!

Joy to the father and the king,
May all your days be filled with light!

The King and The Grand Duke
There's nothing standing in our way!

Let the bell's ring out,
On this magic day!

Prince Charming
I'm the luckiest prince,
That the worlds ever known!

I'm no longer afraid,
I'll live life all alone!

Cause with you I am twice,
Who I was on my own!

Here's to love that's true,
All because of a shoe!

(spoken) Cinderella stole my prince! My one true love.

Your true love? Clearly the prince and I were meant for each other,

Who could love a troll like you!

Lady Tremaine
Girls, above all...

All Three

Lady Tremaine
(sung) Why, why, why
Should a girl like Cinderella,
End up married and content?

I cry, cry, cry,
For my more deserving daughters,
For whom a better life was meant!

Anastasia and Drizella
Mother if only we could do something,
We could be happy like we once were,
Instead of living happily never after,
Stuck with Her!

(spoken) I hate you!

I hate you more!

This is all your fault!

(sung) Hail the Princess and Prince
Hail the moment they met,
Hail this red letter day,
We shall never forget,

Lady Tremaine
Why should she be so happy,

All Three Tremaines
While we're so upset!

Hail these happy two,
Starting life anew,

Cinderella and the Prince
Forever after, me and you,

All because of a....

Lady Tremaine
(spoken) Who would have imagined my entire life would be ruined...

All because of a shoe!

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