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Alice's sister
Background information
Feature films Alice in Wonderland
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Heather Angel
Kath Soucie
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Firm, proper, caring, wise
Appearance Auburn hair, blue eyes, lavender summer coat and purple knee-lenghth dress
Occupation Elder sister and tutor of Alice
Alignment Good
Goal To instruct and educate Alice
Home Oxford, England
Relatives Alice (sister)
Pets Dinah
Allies Alice, Dinah
Likes Proper behavior, tea
Dislikes Alice's lack of attention
Powers and abilities
Fate Goes home with Alice and Dinah for tea.
Quote "Alice, will you kindly pay attention to your history lesson?"
"Alice, what are you talking about?"

Alice's older sister is a minor character in Alice in Wonderland. She is a very practical, no-nonsense and beautiful young woman and wishes for Alice to be the same way. She is similar in character (and facial design) to how Mary Poppins would look in animated form.

In some Little Golden Books and the Broadway Jr. Show, Alice in Wonderland Jr., her name is Mathilda.

Role in the film

In the film, she is first introduced reading Alice's history lesson in the park near the river bank. Halfway through, she notices Alice's lack of attention. Alice tells her that there is simply no need for a book without pictures, but her sister returns that there are a great deal of books without any pictures. She did appear to express a mild amusement at Alice's musings of her own world that had books with only pictures. Alice then sneaks away from her and follows the White Rabbit, thus beginning her adventure. She is not seen until the end of the film when she wakes Alice from her dream of Wonderland. At first, she is disappointed at Alice for dozing off and dreaming up such nonsense, but she is able to accept her little sister's wild imagination. They, along with Dinah, then head home for tea.


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