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Please! Please! I don't wanna be a donkey! Let me outta here!
―Alexander, unsuccessfully pleading to be let go with the other donkeys who can still talk

Alexander is a minor character in Pinocchio. He was a naughty boy who went to Pleasure Island. Like all of the other boys who went there, he did all kinds of bad behavior, such as fighting, smoking, drinking and gambling (to name a few). He wore an adorable blue sailor outfit, along with brown Mary Jane shoes.

Role in the film

Like all of the other boys, Alexander was turned into a donkey by the island's sinister influence. However, when the evil Coachman checked to see if he was still able to talk, Alexander revealed that he could. He then begged the Coachman to let him go home to his mama. The Coachman angrily threw Alexander into a pen filled with several donkeys who could still talk. Alexander and the other donkeys begged to be set free and to be human again, but the Coachman silenced their pleas by snapping his whip and ordering them to be quiet and saying viciously to them, "You boys have had your fun! Now pay for it!".

It is unknown what Alexander's ultimate fate was, nor that of the other talking donkeys. One possibility is that the talking donkeys were the ones that, early on when the island was shown for the first time, were being used to pull the stagecoach. But probably, they stayed isolated until they forget to talk, and if that didn't happen, the Coachman probably packed them in crates. Jiminy Cricket realized what was going on by witnessing this incident, and headed off to warn Pinocchio.


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