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"Alex Gives Up" is the eighty-first episode overall and the second episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Alex decides to give up the wizard competition to spend more time with Mason and thinks that it does not matter since Max is all the way in the lead, but Chancellor Tootietootie tells Alex that non-wizards and werewolves cannot date, because the werewolf always eats the human. Max's picture on the front of Future Wizards magazine attracts the daughter of a family of Cucuys (mythical Latino monster) and they invite him to a dinner party on their yacht. Alex comes up with a scheme to invite Chancellor Tootietootie to the Cucuy party in hopes of getting him to appeal the law against werewolves and mortals dating. Lisa Cucuy finds out that Mason is a werewolf and decides that she wants him instead of Max. Alex gets jealous when Lisa flirts with Mason, so Alex says embarrassing things about Mason to everyone on the yacht so that he will be mad enough to turn into a werewolf. Carlos and Julie Cucuy jump off the boat as Cucuys are scared of werewolves. Jerry jumps off after them. Alex tells Lisa that she can get off the boat the easy way or her way. Once Lisa jumps off the boat, Chancellor Tootietootie says that their case will not be appealed as by Mason turning into a werewolf proved his point that they are dangerous. In the end, Alex and Mason have to break up to be friends and Harper finishes writing her first novel based on the werewolf-wizard relationship. Jerry tries to get Harper to help him out of the water but accidentally grabs her just finished novel, which causes him to fall back into the water. Meanwhile, Justin tutors a class of delinquent wizards in an attempt to gain a level to re-enter the Wizard Competition.


  • Garbage man, dumpster land, giving a hand to the trash can

Magical Objects

  • Cucuys – Mythical latino monsters known to be scary and filthy rich.
  • Abracadoodler – A board when you draw an object on it, the object comes to life.
  • Werewolves

Guest stars

  • Andy Kindler as Chancellor Tootietootie, Frank Pacheco as Felix, David Barrera as Carlos Cucuy, Roxanna Brusso as Julie Cucuy, Samantha Boscarino as Lisa Cucuy and Kari Wahlgren as Helen

Special guest star

  • Gregg Sulkin as Mason


  • Harper writes a novel about Alex and her wizard adventures, a reference to her future self as an author (revealed in the season 2 episode "Future Harper") H.J. Darling.

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