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"Alex's Brother, Maximan" is the twenty-sixth episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.


Alex goes on her first date with Dean at the roller rink, while Justin builds a robot for the Robot Olympics. After hearing from Jerry about a robber who steals tip jars and cupcakes, Max dons a superhero costume and plots to stop the thief. When Justin finds out, he is worried that his brother is heading into danger, so he tracks Alex down at the roller rink to ask for help. Alex is reluctant to leave Dean, but her family is more important. It turns out the story of the "robber" was all a plot by Jerry to get his children to work together and realize what is really important.


  • Havity No-gravity – Defies gravity by making a person climb a flat surface, can only be used when two other wizards use it in another person
  • Soap on a rope, soap fell off a rope, rope shot out of my hand, rope tie up that man – Ties a person in a rope

Magical object:

  • Magical Rope – can tie a person. Can be used only with help from another two wizards.

Co-stars: Jack Sanderson as Roller Rink MC

Guest stars: Daniel Samonas as Dean Moriarty

Note: In the end credits, Dan Benson is listed as guest star for his role as Zeke, but Zeke didn't appear in this episode.

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