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Aleksander Gawroński (October 25, 1939 in Warsaw, Poland - April 21, 2003 in Warsaw, Poland) - was a Polish voice actor.

He was a younger brother of Polish veteran voice actor Andrzej Gawroński and father of voice actress, Agata Gawrońska-Bauman, Adam Bauman's wife. He is best known as Handy Smurf (pol. Pracuś; his role provided by Mieczysław Morański) from Hanna-Barbera TV series The Smurfs and Choo-Choo (his role provided by Jarosław Boberek) from cartoon Top Cat. He played a character Rosolak in Polish TV sitcom 13 posterunek.

He starting in polish dubbing to many Disney TV shows.

Gawroński died 21 April 2003 in Warsaw.

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