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Aladdin's Mother was a character deleted from the film Aladdin.

Role in the film

At the beginning of the story, Aladdin's mother was very frusturated with her son because he was supporting her with thievery and she wanted to be able to make her living an honest way. One day, Aladdin's mother made plans to go out and sell a rug that she had previously woven, hoping to get a fair price for it. When Aladdin volunteered to do it for her, she begrudgingly let him but warned him to keep out of trouble. Unfortunately, Aladdin ended up losing the rug to a swindler.

Upon learning of this, Aladdin's mother became very distressed and despite her son's objections, agreed to sell her engagement ring. It was at this point that Aladdin realized that he had never been a very good son and that night as his mother slept, he secretly returned her engagement ring while vowing to one day make her proud via the song "Proud Of Your Boy".

Her son returned from the Cave of Wonders with the Genie, Aladdin's mother was very pleased to find that the Genie could provide for them. She was even happier after Aladdin's had made his wish to become a prince because she was invited to come and live in the palace with him. However, she was still very displeased with her son for deceiving Jasmine and believed that he owed it to her to tell her the truth.

At the end of the film when Aladdin finally came clean about who he was to Jasmine, she hugged him and stated that she had never been more proud of him.

She ended up being removed from the film alongside many other characters to streamline the story. However, on the Aladdin DVD, the scene where she and the Genie urge Aladdin to tell Jasmine the truth can be found amongst the deleted scenes.

In the film Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Aladdin mentions that he lost his mother when he was young.



  • She can sew.
  • In terms of looks, she slightly resembles the mother of the Balcony Harem Girls except shorter and more gentle looking.
  • She is mentioned in Aladdin and the King of Thieves by her son, that she had died when he was "just a kid."
  • In the Disney franchise, Aladdin's mother's name is never mentioned but in the British pantomime version she is known as "Widow Twankey" because Aladdin's father was presumed dead. The name "Twankey" comes from a cheap blend of Chinese tea.
  • There is a concept art image with the main cast plus Aladdin's mother. Most of the character's names are below and under Aladdin's mother is a name; the first letter looks sort of like an "H" however it is very hard to make out.

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