Acting Out the ABC's

Walt Disney Presents Acting Out the ABC's (Disneyland Records DQ-1223) is a record album released by Disneyland Records (now Walt Disney Records) in 1962. There was also a Disney Read-Along. It is advertised as "a child's primer of alphabet, counting & acting out songs". The teacher is voiced by Teri York. Both the record album and read-along have been out of print for many years.

Acting Out the ABC's is sampled in 3rd Bass' Pop Goes the Weasel and Madvillain's America's Most Blunted.

Track listing


  1. Acting Out the ABC's (Ginny Taylor, Teri York) •
  2. A Collection of Counting Rhymes (Grey Johnson and Friends)
  3. Pop Goes the Weasel (Children's Chorus)
  4. Itsy Bitsy Spider (Children's Chorus)


  1. Farmer in the Dell (Children's Chorus)
  2. Looby Lou (Children's Chorus)
  3. This Old Man (Children's Chorus)
  4. Twelve Days of Christmas (Teri York)
  5. Ten Little Indians (Children's Chorus)
  6. Animal Imitation Song (Ginny Taylor, Grey Johnson)

• Words & music by Camarata/Johnson.

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