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Abyo is one of the main characters in the Pucca series. Abyo is a very outgoing, competitive, stubborn, energetic, and excitable 13 years old. He's Garu's best friend, (despite how annoying he is) and he's also good friends with Pucca and Ching. A practitioner of Kung Fu, Abyo uses nunchucks as weapons.


Abyo's signature move is a running gag in the series: he yells "Hi-Ya!"(sometimes after jumping), and rips off his shirt at least once in almost every episode. If he can't rip his shirt off, he settles for whatever else he happens to be wearing, resulting in him severely embarrassing himself in public. His physical appearance is an homage to martial arts icon Bruce Lee, but unlike the late martial artist, Abyo's personality is very headstrong and impulsive and it is with this kind of attitude that he is often left with the shorter end of the stick

Abyo is the son of Bruce, the police chief of Sooga Village. He trains under Chang at the Turtle Training Hall with Garu, Ching, and Ssoso. He's also a bit of a womanizer, yet usually ignores Ching's crush on him, much to her frustration; this slightly wears off when she proves to be one really good martial artist and saves Abyo's life, though. When Muji tried to lower Abyo into a tub of boiling acid, Ching cut off Muji's moustache, his only weakness and saved Abyo.


Physical Appearence

Abyo is a guy who wants more attention from girls. He wears a black jacket that abyo aparencerips when he says "Hi-Ya!"

He is based on the legendary Kung Fu fighter Bruce Lee.

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