Abigail Timmons is a student at Webster High School who Lexi hates a lot. She was on the front page of the school newspaper The Howler. Lexi had talked to Olive, and she wanted her face to be on the cover, but Olive said it was for being a hero. So Lexi told Olive lies for saving something just to get her picture taken. Abigail saved Paisley from a meatball stuck in her throat, and she saved an old man from a burning building, and she almost put out a fire, but Lexi got in her way. So since they were fighting over the fire extinguisher, Wacky the Wolf put out the fire, and Lexi never got her picture taken except for the one when she got sprayed by the fire extinguisher, and Wacky the Wolf was the hero. Abigail is uncredited, but she screamed "FIRE!!!"