A Touch of Class is the 1st episode in As the Bell Rings (Singapore). Wee Chong wonders why girls don't like him and won't put his photos on their blogs.


Wee Chong looks out the window holding a book while Aziz and Jamie passes a basketball at each other. Wee Chong turns around and Aziz and Jamie stops for a moment thinking that they are bothering him studying. Jamie then asks what rule they broke and Wee Chong says the he does not remember. Aziz and Jamie asks Wee Chong if he is sick. Wee Chong says he is not sick, but depressed. Aziz says that it is okay and the two guys go back and start passing the basketball to each other again. Suddenly, Wee Chong starts crying out loud about why girls don't like him and how they don't put his photos on their blogs. Jamie tells him that he needs to work on his dressing and how he needs to dress in an old fashion style. Wee Chong then leaves and starts working on his dressing.

Later, Wee Chong comes back dressing in an old fashion style. Aziz and Jamie starts laughing at how he is trying to impress the ladies until Lizzie comes and asks him if she could take a photo of him and put it on her blog and go out with him. Wee Chong agrees and the two walks off.

As Wee Chong and Lizzie walk; Lizzie tells Wee Chong how she likes how he is so beautiful. Aziz and Jamie then comes and start talking about how every girl in the school is putting Wee Chong's photo on their blogs. They also talk about how funny they would look like if they dressed like how Wee Chong did.

Later, Jamie, and Jackie dresses up the same as Wee Chong and the girls come commenting how dressing up the same would help them put their photos on the girls blogs. The girls liked how Aziz had sense of individuality, so they invited Aziz with them for lunch.


  • Wee Chong
  • Aziz
  • Jamie
  • Jackie
  • Lizzie
  • Ying Ying
  • Maisy