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"A Shock to the System" is the ninth episode of season 2 of A.T.O.M.


A new airplane is created by a friend of Garrett. However Garrett does not trust him, so Axel is told to check out the plane. When Garrett's friend spots him he is forced to leave. Then the Mu-team arrive to steal the plane, but Axel, Lioness, Shark, King and Hawk stop them. The Mu-team then smash a building and Shark saves the building but gets zapped by an electrical wire and becomes unconscious, meanwhile the Mu-team steal the airplane. When Shark awakens he believes himself to be a military person. The team are told to listen to Shark or he may sustain brain damage. Later the Mu-team uses the airplane to steal an experimental liquid, and Tilian drinks it making him grow into a giant, but the team defeat them and Shark is returned to normal.

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