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"A Prom Story" is the 8th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Maddie and her friends from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow plan a prom at the Tipton. However, everything goes wrong when Zack finds out that Maddie's date is not him, and Maddie discovers that her date already has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, when a circus comes to the Tipton, Cody gets obsessed with a mime artist.


Maddie and the high school prom committee prepare for the big dance at the Tipton. Maddie has a crush on an upperclassman, and needs London to book a famous rock band as the entertainment. Zack teaches Maddie how to dance and he thinks that she likes him when she says that there is a "three-year age difference". When the prom begins, Zack finds out that Maddie liked a different guy and becomes really depressed. But when the band doesn't show up at the Tipton, Zack gets a band of carnival freaks, the Cirque de Fantastique, to come to show up at the prom. Maddie is really excited when they show up, only to be depressed again when she discovers that the guy she likes has a girlfriend. Zack says he will dance with her if Maddie will go to his first prom with him. Meanwhile, Cody tries to become a mime, but ends up ruining a famous mime's career.


  • The title of this episode, "A Prom Story", may be an allusion to the 2004 film A Cinderella Story.
  • In the UK airing of the episode, several things were removed:
    • The scene where Zack tells Maddie that he hopes it's "Tall, blonde and curvy," as well as Maddie saying "Sorry, fresh out."
    • Zack saying "my kissing", when talking to Cody.
    • The scene where the nuns were distributing playing cards.
    • The scene where they play with cards, Jeff says something about go fish, London asking the nuns what company they were working for, and Mary Margaret's remark to Maddie.


  • Zack says that he will turn 18 in 2,189 days from this day. Mathematically, this would mean that Zack's 12th birthday was the previous day.
  • When Jeff messes up Maddie's hair, it gets fixed before Carey even fixes it up.
  • When Maddie enters the hotel on Prom night and she is saying "Wow," you can see a screen monitor in the reflection of the spiral door.
  • In the beginning of this episode, when Cody and Zack are in the elevator, Cody is wearing eyeliner.

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