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"A Paine By Any Other Name" is the first and second episode of the Jetix series A.T.O.M.


Part 1

A.T.O.M. Season 1 A Paine By Any Other Name (2)
After competing in and completing the reality show, Trackdown, the five contestants, Axel, Hawk, King, Lioness and Shark are offered jobs to test new and experimental vehicles for Mr Lee, Trackdown’s creator and president and founder of Lee Industries, a multibillion-dollar company. The five accept his offer, but when a dangerous criminal mastermind named Paine escapes from prison, Axel has personal interest into helping recapture him.

Part 2

Lee, who is acting clingy and parental around the team, equips them with new gear and weaponry to test. At the same time Paine and his henchman Spydah seek to destroy the Landmark City dam. Axel also tells Lioness about his past with Paine.

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