A Matter of Some Gravity is an Uncle Scrooge adventure comic written and drawn by Don Rosa in 1996 . Like some other comic stories by Rosa (Cash Flow and The Universal Solvent), the story is founded with toying with the laws of nature. Rosa claims that he thinks that he got the ideas for those comics from a mechanical engineering course in an institute of higher education, which he took before he became a professional cartoonist.


The story begins with Donald Duck cleaning Scrooge McDuck's light fixtures, while complaining that he cannot reach them with his ladder, which Scrooge ignores him on. Slipping and falling into Emily Quackfaster's (Scrooge's secretary) chair while she's out, Donald accidentally lets Magica De Spell into Scrooge's office. Magica using a new wand, changes their personal gravity sideways, while Magica makes off with the dime. Miraculously, Scrooge and Donald are able to make it outside to Donald's car, eventually running across store walls. Finally they succeed in getting to the airport with the help of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Magica is shocked and furious that they have been able to get there, although Scrooge is unfazed, claiming her spell is not enough. Infuriated, she completely reverses their personal gravity, stranding them on the ceiling. Learning there is no current flight to Italy scheduled, Magica hypnotizes a random pilot to take her away. Huey, Dewey, and Louie help their uncles' using their weight and a fire extinguisher to travel to Magica's plane. Scrooge then uses Magica's wand to reverse the gravity of the plane itself, threatening to break an engine and make them fall out of Earth's atmosphere. Finally, they land back on the ground, and Scrooge gets his dime back, breaking Magica's wand in the process. However, Magica uses a half of her wand to reverse Donald's gravity. Luckily, as the spell only lasts 12 hours, Donald is now in the Money Bin, finally getting rid of the cobwebs, although he is now annoyed that he has to use a ladder to sweep the floor.


The story received a nomination as «Best Shorty Story» in the Eisner Awards of 1998.

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