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A Knight for a Day is a 1946 Goofy short. Directed by Jack Hannah, this 7-minute animated comedy short was written Bill Peet. While classified as a Goofy cartoon, Goofy himself is not used in this film, but his lookalikes are used as a basis for all the characters.


The story takes place at a jousting field in medieval Canterbury, incorrectly described as being in the British Empire, and features a jousting competition between Sir Loinsteak and Sir Cumfrence, the black knight, with a sportscaster-like announcer calling the action of the battle. The prize for this contest is the right to marry Princess Esmeralda.

Due to a prebout accident, Sir Loinsteak is knocked out, leaving his sappy yet clever squire, Cedric, to take his place in the tourney. While Sir Cumference dominates the inexperienced simpleton early on, Cedric's clever and unorthodox improvisations tip the scales in the youth's favor. Finally after an assault with his lance, sword and mace, Sir Cumference collapses from exhaustion and Cedric wins by default. As Princess Esmeralda leaps to her new fiancé with glee, Cedric soaks in the crowd adoration, while a serf nonchalantly pushes Sir Cumference from the field in a scoop shovel.



  • The Here's Goofy! VHS of the cartoon uses the original opening and closing titles.
  • This short is included on the VHS release The Sword in the Stone and the DVD releases of Volume 3: The Prince & The Pauper and The Sword in the Stone.

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