A Heroic Dirty Cub (also known as Dirty Cub) is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba is taking a shower while Sarabi looks on, exasperated with her son for having such an ungrateful attitude. As the queen attempts to clean him with her tongue, she points out that if he didn't get so dirty, he wouldn't have to take as many showers. His mother's words make Simba perk, and the cub makes a vow to never get dirty again.

The next day, Simba resists Nala's invitation to play with the other cubs in a pool of mud. Instead, he takes to sitting in the grass outside the mud hole, watching the others play. Nala soon joins him on the grass and asks why he is refusing to play with them. Simba explains to her the promise he had made himself, and Nala suggests they go on a walk instead. While on the walk, Simba takes extra care to not step on the grass. However, the walk soon becomes too much for him, and he gives up completely, but as he is about to return home, there is a desperate cry for help.

A young giraffe lies at the bottom of a hill, trapped in a sinkhole. The cubs attempt to free the calf, but the hole is too narrow and deep for rough climbing. Nala begins to despair, but Simba keeps thinking until he gets an idea. Together, the cubs use pieces of bark to shovel earth into the sinkhole, making it easier for the giraffe to climb out.

Many shovels full of dirt later, the giraffe climbs free. Simba checks to make sure the calf is alright and then suggests that they try to find the young giraffe's parents. With Nala's help, he leads the giraffe to his/her mother, who thanks the cubs for saving her calf's life. She then comments that they must be looking forward to refreshing showers. For the first time since digging out the giraffe, Simba realizes that he and Nala are both covered head to paw in earth.

Distressed, the cub races home. When Sarabi sees him, she is shocked, demanding to know why he had not stayed clean after making such a bold promise to stay out of dirt. Instead of answering his mother, Simba races past her and climbs willingly into the shower. As Sarabi looks on in delight, Simba tells her that today had not gone as planned, but tomorrow would be a different story.

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