A Happy Birthday Party with Winnie the Pooh is a 1966 Disneyland Records album featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends. In this album, Pooh and his friends threw a birthday party with other children.

Track listings

Side 1

  1. Winnie the Pooh - Louis Prima
  2. Where Oh Where
  3. Who's at Rabbit's Tale?
  4. Little Black Rain Cloud
  5. Where is the Honey Tree?
  6. Birthday, Birthday

Side 2

  1. Up, Down, Touch the Ground
  2. Thinking, Thinking
  3. Chinese Dance from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  4. Loves Goes Round on a Merry-Go-roUND
  5. The Unbirthday Song
  6. Happy Birthday


  • Produced by Camatara



  • Not only does Louis Prima narrate and sing, but one of the songs (Love Goes Round on a Merry Go Round) was one of a few non-Disney records in the Walt Disney Music Publishing stable in the early 1950s before Disneyland records.
  • Sterling Holloway as the original voice of Pooh. Notice they do not use the soundtrack from the film but have him redo the songs for this album.