A Gentleman's Gentleman is a Mickey Mouse cartoon that was released March 28, 1941. It was directed by Gerry "Clyde" Geronimi. Mickey sends Pluto downtown to fetch the paper, but Pluto loses the coin he was to do it with. His effort to retrieve the coin with bubble gum only makes things worse.


Pluto (who is called "James" by Mickey at the beginning) is sent out to get the Sunday paper, but loses the dime in a grate. Eventually, he gets it back with bubble gum and proceeds to get the paper and despite other tribulations he finally presents the paper to Mickey all covered with mud.




  • Donald's Quack Attack, episode #11



  • Pluto is referred to as "James" instead of his actual name by Mickey for reasons unknown.
  • This cartoon inspired the creation of the Pluto Gets The Paper mini-shorts from Mickey Mouse Works in the late-1990s.
  • Near the end of the episode, Pluto is shown in blackface.


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