A Campaign of Note is a 1954 Uncle Scrooge story by Carl Barks.


Scrooge McDuck is a candidate for city treasurer, but nobody pays him attention as he hasn't spent enough money to make his candidacy known. He takes some money and goes to Donald's house to ask him advice about a good inversion. As nobody is at home, Scrooge hides the money in what seems a flower pot and takes a nap.

Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie arrive and find Uncle Scrooge sleeping. Instead of awakening him, they decide to get their own idea to have his candidacy be known. Donald says that while they don't have money, they can go in a parade with music. When Uncle Scrooge wakes up, they have already left... and the money isn't there either.

Scrooge runs to the street where he finds people cheering him, and then he finds the reason: the "flower pot" where he hid the money was Donald's tuba, so when he plays it, it throws money to the citizens, who decide such a generous man deserves to be treasurer.