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9 Lives is Julie's car. It's a modified 21st Century police cruiser.


9 Lives' color scheme is bright yellow with black stripes running down the sides.

The logo is the number nine with cat ears on top.


  • Holograms - 9 Lives can produce at least nine holograms at a time of itself and other cars.
  • Cloaking - 9 Lives can cloak to near invisibility
  • Trackers - Julie can deploy small spherical trackers from the two front wheels, which can latch onto other objects and send out a homing signal.
Name Item Location Function Appear/s
Vehicles 9lives with Taser
On the sides (Near the door) To shock things close by The Duke of Detroit
High Precision Sniper Beam
Vehicles 9lives under the hood-1-
Under the hood Fires a horizontal ray of high precision at a far distance Reunion
Vehicles 9lives traps
In the wheels

Deploys smoke screens, oil slicks and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) mines



  • 9 Lives bears a striking resemblance to the Shooting Star, Racer X's car in Speed Racer, in its color scheme, number, and elements of its design.
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