300 Mickeys is a 1999 Mickey Mouse comic story.


When Mickey had a problem with needing to be at two places at both times (at 8 o'clock PM). He needed to accomplish going to a ballroom dance with his girlfriend Minnie Mouse and hang out with his old pal Goofy at the arcade. When his pal Eega Beeva cloned his clock, Mickey thought he was going mad before he saw what Eega had. When Eega had to get his favorite food, he cloned himself and then left the ray with his pal Mickey. Mickey used the ray to clone another one of himself so that he can hang out with Minnie and let the clone go to the arcade with Goofy. As Mickey and Mickey left, Eega came back a little to late with more than 10 clones!

Eega had to return to the future (2447) and fix his ray. He erased his clones, and Mickeys started to duplicate. While the original copy of Mickey was hanging out with Goofy, the clone Mickey at the dance told his fellow clones to find the original Mickey. As the clones continued to duplicate, Mickey left Goofy to get back to the house to undo what he had done. However, to his surprise the ray was gone! Mickey told all of his clones to stay put, however they started to get a mind of their own and had their night on the town. While many of the Mickeys continued to replicate to become an army, The Mickey's decided if they want to stay in the real world they've got to clone the Earth and populate it with Mickeys! When a clone placed a "real Mickey sticker on his shirt" Eega came back and gave it to the fake Mickey. As the fake Mickey lied and said that he would undo everything, that Mickey (with his fellow clones) jumped out of the window. As the real Mickey returned Eega (at first) thought that the original was just another clone, however it was too late when they found out the Mickeys plan. The Mickey's stole a plane and tried to reach outer space, but to their surprise they continued to replicate and decided to clone a small island. All of the Mickeys swam to the island to live their in peace. In the end, Mickey and Eega decide not to use the clone ray at all, when they remove the Mickeys.