The 20th Anniversary Surprise Celebration Parade was a parade based on Disneyland's The Party Gras Parade. It was shown at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for its 20th anniversary.

The balloons from this parade (Except for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck) were reused from the Party Gras Parade and featured carnival themes such as Mardi Gras, Carnival De Rio and Venetian Carnivals.

The parade debuted in October 1991, and ran until June of 1994, when it was replaced with the Mickey Mania parade.


Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit's float was first, he stood on the top and the Grand Marshals sitting on the bottom. The balloon remained unchanged but with the addition of a jester's hat on and a different bow tie. A jester themed Roger Rabbit float followed on after the balloon.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse was next, The Minnie balloon was unchanged from the Disneyland one except for the position of the pupils in her eyes. Minnie Mouse was led by dancing women, some women stood with her. A horsed pineapple followed on with King Louie and one of his servants standing backwards. Baloo stood at the back.

Donald Duck

Donald's float featured him and the 3 Caballeros. The balloon of Donald featured him with puffy arm cuffs and playing a drum. In later versions of the parade the Party Donald Duck balloon was reused. Chip & Dale rode on palm tree carts after the float.


Pluto was the next character, He was joined by the Country Bears playing tropical music. Pluto's balloon was unchanged but with the addition of maracas.


A jester music box followed on with Goofy, and was joined with some acrobats. Goofy's balloon remained unchanged except his shorts are detailed. The float has jester faces all over it.

Mickey Mouse

The final float featured the new King Mickey balloon. The float was special, so Snow White and Cinderella rode with Mickey.

Differences between the Party Gras Parade and this parade

  • The floats have been rearranged. starting with Roger, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and lastly Mickey.
  • Some of the floats have been re-designed, and others remained the same with some minor additions.
  • There is no confetti in the parade and the parade never stops, unlike Party Gras.