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George Of The Jungle

George of the Jungle


One Saturday Morning




Pepper Ann

TLK Vintage Broadway Poster

The Lion King musical premieres.

ALittleSomethingSpecial cover

Scrooge McDuck celebrates his 50th anniversary in "A Little Something Special".


Theatrical releases

Feature films


  • January 17 - Mighty Ducks airs its final episode.
  • February 15 - Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles airs its final episode.
  • February 28 - ABC airs the special Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary Party in prime-time. It is hosted by Melissa Joan Hart and Will Friedle.
  • April 7 - The Disney Channel becomes a basic cable channel as opposed to a premium service. They also get a new logo as well, which had a TV with Mickey Mouse ears on it with Mickey Mouse inside the TV (which will be changed again in 2002). They also drop the "the" in the name, becoming simply "Disney Channel".
  • April 19 - Nightmare Ned premieres on ABC with the episode "Ned's Life as a Dog/A Doll's House".
  • August 23 - The first Disney Channel Original Movie, Northern Lights, debuts on Disney Channel.
  • August 29 - The Disney Afternoon name is used for the last time. From September 1 to the end of 1998, syndicated Disney programs would not carry a block name.
  • August 31 - ABC airs the first episode of Recess, "The Break In/The New Kid", in primetime as a preview (depending on the channel affiliate, as some stations were airing news coverage on Princess Diana's death).
  • September 1 - 101 Dalmatians: The Series premieres in syndication with "You Slipped a Disk/Chow About That?"; it would also begin airing on ABC on September 13.
  • September 13 - Recess and Pepper Ann premiere on ABC as part of the new One Saturday Morning programming block.
  • October 5 - Toothless premieres on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC.
  • November 2 - Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella premieres on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC.
  • November 9 - Angels in the Endzone premieres on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC.
  • November 16 - Oliver Twist premieres on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC.
  • November 21 - Absent-Minded Inventors and the Search for Flubber premieres on ABC.
  • November 30 - The Love Bug remake premieres on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC.
  • December 25 - A Magical Walt Disney World Christmas airs on ABC, hosted by Melissa Joan Hart and Jerry Van Dyke.


Theme parks

  • January 6 - Pirates of the Caribbean closes at Disneyland for its 30th anniversary renovations.
  • January 18 - The Carnival Castle is unveiled at Disneyland Paris.
  • February 21 - Star Wars Weekends takes place at the Disney-MGM Studios for the first time.
  • March 1 - The #5 locomotive at Walt Disney World is dedicated to Ward Kimball.
  • March 7 - Pirates of the Caribbean reopens at Disneyland.
  • March 17 - Walt Disney World's Pleasure Island is transformed into Pleasure "Ireland" for St. Patrick's Day.
  • March 21 - The fifth and final weekend of the first Star Wars Weekends takes place at the Disney-MGM Studios.
  • April 6 - Captain EO closes at Disneyland.
  • April 18 - The fourth annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival begins.
  • April 28 - King Stefan's Banquet Hall, a restaurant inside Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle is renamed Cinderella's Royal Table.
  • May 17 - Fink 169 Boats closes at Disneyland.
  • May 23 - Light Magic debuts at Disneyland.
  • June 1 - Disneyland's Lion King Celebration parade ends its near three-year-run.
  • July 1 - ABC Sound Studio opens at the Disney-MGM Studios.
  • August 1 - Walt Disney World's Coronado Springs Resort opens.
  • September - Disneyland's Rocket Jets closes.

Live shows


  • January 27 - Bambi (soundtrack)
  • May 27 - Hercules (soundtrack)
  • June 8 - Mary Poppins (soundtrack)
  • August 5 - Air Bud (soundtrack)
  • Novemver 1 - Candlelight and Massed Choir Program as Presented at Epcot
  • November 11 - Flubber (Soundtrack)
  • November 18 - The Lion King - Original Broadway Cast Recording


Video releases

VHS releases

Direct-to-video releases




Character debuts

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