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Robinhood 1973 poster
Worlds greatest athlete
Wdw signs pirates
Superdad DVD Poster

Theatrical releases

Feature films



  • January 7 - The Mystery in Dracula's Castle, part one.
  • January 14 - The Mystery in Dracula's Castle, part two.
  • March 4 - Chester, Yesterday's Horse.
  • March 11 - The Little Shepherd Dog of Catalina
  • March 18 - The Boy and the Bronc Buster, part one.
  • March 25 - The Boy and the Bronc Buster, part two.
  • April 1 - Call It Courage
  • September 30 - Fire on Kelly Mountain
  • October 7 - Mustang!
  • October 23 - Walt Disney: A Golden Anniversary Salute
  • December 16 - The Proud Bird from Shanghai

Theme park happenings





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